Are Your Headlights Fit for Your Road Trip?

Are your headlights fit for your next road trip? While many road trips are taken during the day, the return journey often occurs when the sun goes down. As a result, it is critical to ensure that your headlights are in good shape and ready for night time driving. Below are headlight maintenance tips from Brian Harris BMW that can help drivers better prepare for the road ahead and improve safety for all.

Consider proper aiming. Correctly-aimed headlights should project down the road as opposed to projecting into the eyes of the oncoming drivers. Night time visibility is drastically reduced by improperly-aimed lights. Consider an upgrade to your existing headlights. Any upgrade beyond a primary headlight helps in creating a safe experience for drivers, especially when driving at night. Go for lights with more down road visibility and whiter intensity for extreme clarity. Whiter light enhances contrast for the driver to distinguish objects. Headlights become dim over time due to oxidation. Make a point of replacing them before it happens.

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