Maintenance at the BMW Dealership

To have your vehicle run properly and last a long time, you need to have regularly scheduled maintenance. It is best to get your vehicle serviced at the BMW dealership. It may seem like you get the same service for a cheaper price at a mom and pops garage, but it will cost you in the long run. Our dealership will have the proper parts and know the correct maintenance schedule for your vehicle.

The technicians at our BMW dealership are specifically trained on the parts and mechanics of the make and model of your vehicle. Each year, there are new models with new features and it's best to go to the dealership where mechanics have been updated on new repair techniques. The dealership also helps with keeping your warranty and many repairs are covered under the warranty. Since dealerships represent your car manufacturer, we would be the first to be notified of any service recalls or bulletins. Come in and set up your maintenance schedule at Brian Harris BMW in Baton Rouge, LA.

Categories: Service
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