Have Your BMW Inspected At Brian Harris BMW Before Hitting the Road this Holiday Season

With the holidays fasting approaching, many of you will be driving to visit family and friends. While making plans and preparations for your trip, do not forget to get your vehicle ready as well. It’s better to take a little time to check out your vehicle now than to wait and possibly have a breakdown on the road.

Check the tires for uneven wear and the correct air pressure. Next, check the wipers for any wear or tear and replace them, as well as refilling the wiper fluid. Check your headlights and taillights for any problems. Are the lights working properly on high beam and low beam, or do they need to be replaced? Don’t forget to check the turn signals both front and rear.

Whether your vehicle has some problems that need correcting or you want a full inspection, we welcome you to schedule an appointment online and our team of factory trained technicians will inspect every component of your vehicle to ensure safe travels this holiday season!

Categories: Parts, Service
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