Keep Your Car Clean When Traveling With Food For The Holidays

If you live a distance from your relatives, you most likely will be traveling for the holidays. When your family gets together for a holiday dinner, most families will ask each person to bring a dish to pass around. If you are planning to attend the family gathering this year for the holidays, you want to make sure there is no mess inside of your car when traveling, and we have the tips to make sure that your trip goes smoothly!

The inside of your car can be protected when traveling by keeping the food inside of a tote or box in the back of the car. If you are traveling on your own and don't want to use a tote, place the food on the bottom of the floor of the car to help to avoid any spills on the interior of the car. If your vehicle is already full of passengers, you can elect one of them to secure the food, or you can get a cargo net to put in the rear or trunk to make sure that everything stays safe and secure.

From everyone here at Brian Harris BMW, we wish you a happy holiday and if you’re in need of any accessories to keep your things safe and secure this holiday season, we have everything you’re looking for in our parts department!

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