The Importance of the Alternator in Your Vehicle

Many drivers assume that the car battery is the one part that is giving power to things like the doors and windows, when in fact the alternator is carrying that heavy load. Here are reasons to consider having the system checked regularly by the BMW maintenance team here at Brian Harris BMW.

The car starts when the battery sends juice to the starter motor. From there, the alternator will send power to all the things you take for granted while driving. The alternator is basically a generator. To get power, the alternator is connected to a crank wheel that spins as the engine runs. The alternator sends current to the stereo, navigation system, lights, heated seats, and charging stations. If the alternator is failing, you'll notice the gauges and lights throughout the car getting dimmer or failing.

When you see signs of alternator trouble, bring your car to our Baton Rouge, LA service facility so we can give the entire electrical and charging system an inspection.

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