Suspension, Shocks and Struts Affect Ride Quality

If your drive down the street or highway feels more like a boat bouncing over waves rather than a smooth glide, your suspension and steering system may have worn out parts. At our BMW service department in Baton Rouge, we can evaluate your vehicle's suspension system and recommend what parts needs replacement in order to restore smooth and safe handling of your car.

Shocks and struts replacement services result in improved safety, better vehicle handling, more control and stability, shorter braking distances and an overall smoother ride. If you've been noticing that your vehicle sways during turns, takes a nose dive when you brake, or experiences excessive bouncing when you hit a rough spot on the road, it's the right time to make an appointment at Brian Harris BMW for our very thorough suspension service, including inspection and any necessary repairs or installation of replacement parts. Make driving your car pleasurable again!

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