Ditch the Water and Stick With Windshield Wiper Fluid

In modern times, there are still people who are under the assumption that it is perfectly fine to fill your windshield wiper fluid system with common tap water. We here at Brian Harris BMW in Baton Rouge, LA see that they seem to go by the reasoning that water cleans things so it must be good for windshields. It is this type of logic that keeps cars and trucks in service centers getting their windshield wiper fluid systems repaired or replaced.

You are supposed to only use the proper fluid in these systems because that is how the system was designed. If a windshield wiper fluid system was designed for water, then stores would not sell special fluid that is used to maintain a streak free shine on your window. There are also variations of windshield wiper fluids out on the market that have added ingredients that help to repel water. These kinds of fluids leave a thin and transparent film on the windshield that water cannot stick to.

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