Are Your Gaskets in Good Shape?

Recognizing the signals your car is giving you can help you prevent a small problem from becoming a bigger--and more expensive--problem to fix. Gaskets are critical components of your car's engine; they form impenetrable seals that keep fluids and gasses from leaking into places they shouldn't be, potentially causing significant damage if they fail. That's why knowing the signs of gasket issues and getting your car in to be serviced promptly is important.

Gaskets often last a long time, and you can help ensure the health of your engine's gaskets by getting your oil and coolant replaced at regular intervals. But despite your best efforts, gaskets can still fail. Common signs of gasket failure include:

  1. Engine overheating
  2. White smoke emitting from the tailpipe
  3. Oil in the coolant
  4. Foaming, bubbling, or gurgling coming from your radiator
  5. Low pressure in the cylinders

If you detect any of these issues, call Brian Harris BMW to schedule an appointment. Our expert team of auto technicians will diagnose and service your vehicle, using only OEM parts to return it to top performance.

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